The Train Wreck Endings

I Never Thought to Ask

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk & Pat Holbrook


I looked into the places that I lost

And saw you sitting, counting out the cost

You think I sound just like I paid the price?

With all my luck, I’ll bet I’d lose you twice


I wondered if you’d let me in

And if you played the mandolin

Can I pass? / am I outclassed?

Well, I never thought to ask


You asked me up for coffee, I said no

“You know I don’t like coffee, gotta go.”

It took me years to figure out that scene

Now I drink my tea with coulda been


Did I avoid a tourist trap?

Could you draw a detailed map?

I’m not so fast / I failed the task

‘cause I never thought to ask


I lost you, walking through the dark,

Looking for a single question mark


I must’ve said, “I love you,” lots of times

Then I figured out you don’t read minds

I kept a thousand questions all subdued

If there’d have been a crowd they would have booed


Do you want to fool around?

Wanna merge our bank accounts?

You missed the pact / in my silent act

‘cause I never thought to ask