The Train Wreck Endings

Maybe Someday

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


Looking out into the darkness

of a lonely 5 a.m.
Maybe soon I'll get some sleep

Maybe then again

Now I follow streams of bloodshot taillights

to another working day
I think about the way she used to care

Now I'm waiting for the rain

and I don't know why

We never say goodbye
I don't know why

Maybe someday (don’t you ever wonder why?)

I feel cut and frayed and torn

I'm nothing but loose ends
Reach for the stars and you could fall too far

Next time I'll just pretend

Starting over's a full-time job

You could say I'm used to it
Begin again and just forget the pain

but still I pine for it


So I'll drink away the skeletons

and try to lose the time
All I have is all I left behind

and it's nothing I will find