The Train Wreck Endings

Real Gone Girl

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


Hey, old Sal, let's get to New Orleans

to Old Bull Lee's, just pass the Benzedrine

I won't sleep tonight / the nighttime feels so right

Well, I don't know


out in Denver all I did was die

this big old Ford it brought me back to life

I left Camille, I left Lu Ann

I’m boppin’ to the band / still I go / go, go, go


I want a real gone girl

so I don’t have to leave this tilt-a-whirl

Real gone girl

she’ll save my world


The kitchen walls were yellow time to go

And nothing feels quite right except the road

I’m moving wild-eyed

‘cause something broke my life / & still I go

well, I don’t know




The dark is coming there is nothing I can do

And where the living goes I’ll try to go there too

Look in her window and I’ll know that she’s not there

It’s such a long road to nowhere