The Train Wreck Endings

Everyday It Changes

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


I said, “I’m leaving, pretty baby.”

She said she said, “I’m leaving,” first

Well, who’s to say where the truth may lie

When it all goes in reverse

Everyday it changes, and it keeps on getting worse


I could read it in her movements

But I’d rather paraphrase

She left like turning off a light switch

Now it’s dark all day

Everyday it changes, and I’ll never find a way


Now I’m walking through this town

That’s never seen a neon light

It’s hard to see straight when your world is upside down

And you’re just a satellite

Everyday it changes, but I’ll feel the same tonight


Sleepless in the early hours

Wooden sighs and splintered thoughts

My memory’s just a television show

That I hate but can’t help watch

Everyday it changes, and it’s got me tied in knots


Andy Hawk – vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion

Chuck Bordelon – bass

Gary Rudinsky – electric guitar