The Train Wreck Endings

It's What You Take Away

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


I’d like to hide inside the shadow of your smile
I’d like to love you, even if it’s just a while
Your breath stirs up the dust that settled in my heart
And stitches all the times I cut myself apart / cut myself apart

And if you leave this lonely, love-affair charade
You’ll always be a song played in my big parade
And that’s the only thing that I can guarantee
That all that’s left behind will be a part of me
‘cause it’s what you take away / it’s what you take away

Let’s stop running for a while to embrace what we’ll leave behind
Then I’ll touch what’s no longer there and make it mine

The beat of breaking waves and sunlight’s last hurrah
New Year’s Eve in Times Square, down to Mardi Gras
Every story behind most every face
Is written on my soul and cannot be erased / cannot be erased

And when your voice begins to fade to pantomime
And I don’t remember how I started drinking wine
I won’t know where you are but that’ll be OK
It’s not what’s gone, you know, it’s what you take away


Andy Hawk – vocals, piano, keyboards, percussion

Chuck Bordelon – bass, classical guitar