The Train Wreck Endings

Lipstick & Dynamite

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Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


Fabulous Moolah came to my hometown

She’d wrestle for your heart and soul and leave ‘em all facedown

Killem Gillem came along and jumped into the ring

She hit the bell and gave ‘em hell and Moolah took a swing


Moolah slapped her made-up face and headed for the ropes

She bounced around, took Killem down, we thought she had no hope

Killem Gillem grabbed some hair and showed it to the crowd

We cheered and screamed and, man, it seemed that some of us meowed



                Lipstick and dynamite

                Flying through the air to join the fight

                Lipstick and dynamite

                I could watch you roll around all night


Killem Gillem pulled a move and ended up on top

She climbed as far as she could go and did a belly-flop

Moolah ducked and held her luck and took old Gillem down

She wrapped her leg and made her beg and kept her champion’s crown


She waved goodbye, the crowd all sighed as Moolah lef the stage

Soaked in sweat and cigarettes we staggered in a daze

They took off for another town before we stormed the bus

They blew kisses in the air, we swore they were for us




One, two, three, you’re counted out

One, two, three, beyond a doubt, I love




Andy Hawk – vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion

Chuck Bordelon – bass, drums

Steve DeVries – banjo, electric guitar, backing vocals

Branden Hickman – percussion