The Train Wreck Endings

Welcome to Havana, Mr. Hemingway

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Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


Welcome to Havana, Mr. Hemingway

La Floridita waits

The daiquiris are flowing strange

The hour’s growing late


We’ll talk about the Great DiMaggio

And undefeated eyes

And then we’ll take Pilar and head to see

A fool’s paradise


Maybe tomorrow, in room 511

You’ll write the pain away, and find the sun


Stay in Havana, Mr. Hemingway

We hate to see you go

I hope you find your answers

Up in Idaho


Maybe tomorrow you’ll change your mind

Let’s drink on it, and you’ll be fine


Andy Hawk – vocals, acoustic guitars, keyboards, percussion

Chuck Bordelon – bass

Steve DeVries – classical guitar