The Train Wreck Endings

Allegheny River

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk & Ben Keay


Andy Hawk - vocals, acoustic guitars, keyboard, percussion

Tom Allen - percussion

Chuck Bordelon - bass

Shane Borders - acoustic slide guitars, backing vocals


Eddie, I’m sitting on the fence

Watching my life unfold

Do artists ever talk to God?

Their paintings do, I’m told



Eddie, I miss Morning Star Beer

When we’d tie on on and go to work

We should try to make a movie

of blood and bombs and sin and dirt


The Allegheny River / will take me to the sea

the truth lies hidden / but still we move

River set me free


We’ll add a priest, and dogs and cats

We’ll cast Lenore as sweet and kind

If you can’t see it with your eyes

You can feel it with your mind


Eddie, I’m thinking ‘bout Lenore

of no last name and pearl, black eyes

You say she hung me out to dry

I say she’s beautiful and wise




Eddie, I’m tearing down this fence

Let’s go out and hear the band

We can film along the way

and I will be a better man