The Train Wreck Endings

Icicle in the Sun

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


Andy Hawk – vocals, percussion

Chuck Bordelon – bass

Paul Bordelon – electric guitar

Steve DeVries – keyboard, backing vocals

Chris Huff – drums

Emma Rowley – backing vocals

Chris Stoudt – lead guitar



Went to the closet for his coat

All he found were skeletons instead

Ran to the bar across the street

To try and drink those skeletons to bed


He stays in place and still he runs

He’s an icicle in the sun


He hangs his hat on yesterday

and numbs his guts on old T.V.

He sees the places he won’t go

And the people he won’t be


He wants a push that never comes

Icicle in the sun


The night, it staggers in his door

Like a drunk who’s lost his keys

It scares away distracted dreams

Turns them into refugees


His days are dripping one by one

He’s an icicle in the sun


The faces of old photographs

Ask the stars to turn their backs

He wonders how his well ran dry

As those skeletons unpack


He shares his life with coulda done

He’s an icicle in the sun

Icicle in the sun