The Train Wreck Endings

Random Thoughts

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


Andy Hawk – vocals, ukulele, tambourine, electric guitar

Tom Allen – percussion

Chuck Bordelon – bass, lead guitar

Emma Rowley – backing vocals


The leaves that fall like parachutes

Are drifting past my self-defense

I’m spinning in circles, my head to the sky

And who’s to say if it makes any sense


My random thoughts go ‘round and ‘round


The cracks and drags of an old phonograph

Bring life to a past that we’ll never quite hold

It might’ve been better, it might’ve been worse

A gulf lies between what is truth and what’s told


My random thoughts go ‘round and ‘round


Plastic bags like blue whales float in the wind

The air like the ocean in someone’s cartoon

We’ll swim in its beauty and dive in the stars

I still believe in the man in the moon