The Train Wreck Endings

Mason-Dixon Line (live in the library)

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


It’s one hundred, fifty-seven / underneath her cypress tree

She may say that it is heaven / but it feels like hell to me

I’m a sweaty carpetbagger / with a bellyful of wine

Dreaming ‘til I’m north of the Mason-Dixon Line


I can trace her silhouette in a / hazy, yellow afternoon

With this bottle as my pen / but the ink is empty soon

Magnolias in her bedroom / used to get me every time

Now fumes are my companion, north, of the Mason-Dixon Line


Lord, I miss the snow in Pittsburgh / and the Massachusetts fall

And the moon in old Ohio / Lake Michigan, it calls

But they’ll never match the sweetness / of her honeysuckle sighs

Down below the Mason-Dixon Line / Down below the Mason-Dixon Line