Rum Talking (live in the library)

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Paul Bordelon/Andy Hawk


Recorded live in the library at Potomac Falls High School in Sterling, Va., on November 4, 2013...


A weekend hippy writes unfinished books

a novel on a napkin, I sing to dirty looks

we're spitting out songs like sunflower seeds

on a day before April, a little bit off-key



That's just the rum talking / an hour going 'round and 'round

that's just the rum talking / the dirty hum of who we are / nothing is the way that it sounds


the city drugged with heat drains me of everything

my mind's estranged as I drink and sing




a weekend hippy / a clip-on Monday tie

a novel in a trash-bin / crumbled up with sighs



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