The Train Wreck Endings

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


This song was born of a true story told to songwriter Andy Hawk by a friend. The friend (Kevin) worked for an airline many years ago when it was easy to hop a plane flying stand-by.

Kevin woke up one rainy, dreary weekday morning in Columbus, Ohio, and decided to use his day off to grab a plane headed for Phoenix. Once there, he noticed a plane nearby was boarding for San Diego. He managed to make that one, too, and spent a sunny afternoon sitting on a pier, gazing out at the ocean, basking in the warm California air.

He struck up a conversation with a man on the pier, and when the man asked where he was from, Kevin said he was from Columbus. "Oh, well, how long will you be visiting San Diego?"

"I'm going back to Ohio tonight," said Kevin

"You mean you just came out for a few hours?!?!" the man said, a little surprised. "Why would you do that?"

"I'm just chasing the sun, man. Chasing the sun."

When Kevin relayed the story to Andy in the summer of 2006, Andy said, "That's a perfect song title. I'm going to write one called 'Chasing the Sun' and dedicate it to you."

And so he did.


Chasing the Sun

Woke up on a rainy Tuesday

No part of life that didn’t hurt

Decided to fly away

To try and beat the old cloudburst

Caught a jet that headed west

The sunset saw me catching up

And when I hit the ocean

it hit me back and woke me up


Chasing the sun

I’m feeling all shook up now

I think I’ve found my piece of mind

Chasing the sun

I’m in an all-out run now

I only want my chance to shine

I’m chasing the sun / chasing the sun

I stare for hours at a time

The light on the water as my guide

Remembering something I forgot

I left the dark and had to smile


Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


Old Style at the diner

sippin' with the wigs and cigarettes / cigarettes

feeling like I'm floating

looking at the scene without a net / without a net


and a broken lonely radio sings broken lonely songs

I'm watching with my bottle-bottomed eyes

a sudden thought, a lingered look and all things come to go

but I'll think about them once or twice


a bowling-alley blonde

threw a strike the night the wheels came off / the wheels flew off

with nothing left to spare

I hitched a ride out to the writer's block / writer's block


songs unwind in daily grind and in my coffee cream

stories of a human sacrifice

I'll give you pieces of my mind 'cause pieces all that's left

but I'll think about them once or twice

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
June Carter & Merle Kilgore


The Train Wreck Endings traveled to Memphis, Tenn., in March of 2016 to record at the legendary Sun Studio. This is one of the songs they recorded, a tribute to Johnny Cash, who began his career at Sun. This versions adds a splash of the Social Distortion cover into its mix.