The Train Wreck Endings

Once or Twice (Sun Studio Sessions)

Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


Old Style at the diner

sippin' with the wigs and cigarettes / cigarettes

feeling like I'm floating

looking at the scene without a net / without a net


and a broken lonely radio sings broken lonely songs

I'm watching with my bottle-bottomed eyes

a sudden thought, a lingered look and all things come to go

but I'll think about them once or twice


a bowling-alley blonde

threw a strike the night the wheels came off / the wheels flew off

with nothing left to spare

I hitched a ride out to the writer's block / writer's block


songs unwind in daily grind and in my coffee cream

stories of a human sacrifice

I'll give you pieces of my mind 'cause pieces all that's left

but I'll think about them once or twice