The Train Wreck Endings

Painted Sky

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Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings
Andy Hawk


Picked up a racing form / bet on a broken horse

So slow I think he went backwards

Long and lean like a Cadillac / she pulled me off the discount rack

Said, “Man, you got a lot to learn.”


She closed her eyes and placed a finger / We won on Royal Serenade

She said, “Take it back, your life ain’t so black and white.”

She made my night a painted sky

She took me home and then / as she wrote her thoughts in pen

I knew it was too late to turn

She sang an old love song / I tried to sing along

Even though I did not know the words


We flew our thoughts like paper airplanes / She filled my pockets up with omens

I said, “Gimme a sign, I’ll make it mine tonight.”

She made my dreams a painted sky

 “Gimme a sign, a butterfly, oh, my!”

Drifting through a painted sky