Tin Can Town

Andy Hawk & the Train Wreck Endings

This album is your best night at a great, dive bar where you drink good, cheap beer, get the girl, and wake up with no hangover or regrets.

The Train Wreck Endings Andy Hawk - vocals, rhythm guitar Andy Hawk is a songwriter living in Hamilton, Virginia, but he really misses the North. He's released five CDs of original material. He plays some solo acoustic shows, but also appears with the Train Wreck Endings, a new band of miscreants who have begun peppering the people of Northern Virginia with a mix of the blues, classic rock, and originals. He was born in Pittsburgh and has lived in Boston, Baltimore, and Columbus (Ohio) before settling below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Chuck Bordelon - bass Chuck came from Louisiana with a bass on his knee. He's adept at several instruments, has played in bands before, and brings a great creative streak to the table.

Steve DeVries – mandolin, banjo, harmonica Steve is a recording artist in his own right, having two acoustic guitar albums under his belt.

Branden Hickman - drums Branden might be the kid of the group, but he can play like Keith Moon or Ringo Starr, depending on the song. Great backbeat. Steady. Plus, he's single!

Gary Rudinsky - lead guitar Ohio's favorite son (aside from John Glenn, all those presidents, and Woody Hayes) has been playing guitar for many years. He was an original member of the Human Beinz in Youngstown many years ago. They had a minor hit in 1968 with "Nobody But Me". Plus, anyone who knows Boogie Weinglass can't be all bad, can he?

This CD – "Tin Can Town" – is a slice of Americana that takes you on the road, then to a cool, dark, dive bar looking past the neon beer signs to the daylight of the world outside.

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