A Flurry of Activity...

Straight off the release of Sorta Kinda Maybe, the band has big plans for the coming 6 months.  

* First, we'll be recording some live acoustic tracks to send out as giveaways to our fans

* In early November 2013, the full band will convene in the library of Potomac Falls High School in Sterling, Va., to record a live album, to be called - ironically enough - "Shhhhh!" with engineer/producer Chris Murphy of RHL Audio.  Should be an interesting project.

* The single "Chasing the Sun" will be finished soon and available before Christmas.  Adam Marsland has just finished added his piano parts, and all that's left are a few overdubs and mixing by Pat Schneider at Stairway East Studios, and then the mastering by Jerry Tubb in Austin.

* Speaking of Austin, we'll be heading there in late-March to record our "greatest hits" package with Merel Bregante at Cribworks Digital Audio.  

* And finally, we've begun writing new material.  The songs are in their infancy, but we're hoping to top the last one.

We will keep you posted as these things progress!

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