Bourbon Rain

The Train Wreck Endings

Taking to the road, chasing the winds of change, The Train Wreck Endings wind (and rock) their way through a journey where home is the place you're headed, though you never quite get there, and that's OK.

The melodies flirt with different genres and the lyrics explore a wide swath of topics, but a central theme is never far from the surface with Andy Hawk and the Train Wreck Endings.

The band’s sixth full-length album, Bourbon Rain, once again exudes the wanderlust of a troubadour, a soul that yearns to be anywhere but here, but still finds solace - and something special - in being nowhere at all.

This collection of originals walks down Beacon Street and recalls Hyannis, but it also celebrates the sweet melancholy of quiet introspection: sipping Old Styles “with the wigs and cigarettes,” a liquor store parking lot on a Sunday morning, and the colorful view from the back seat of a city bus.

Hawk, the frontman and primary songwriter, has honed his craft across nearly 30 years of music-making. The Train Wreck Endings have never sounded better or more secure in the kind of music they want to make, from the swaying harmonies of “Beacon Street” to the jangling toe-tap of “Who Knew.”

In “Once or Twice,” Hawk sits in a diner, listening to a “broken, lonely radio” that sings “broken, lonely songs,” and you know he wouldn’t have it any other way. - Aaron Portzline, May 2018

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