New CD - "Another Storyline" tentative running order (due in the summer of 2011)

The latest Train Wreck Endings CD - Another Storyline - is set for a late-summer release.  The recording is finished, and it's about to be mixed in Austin, Texas, by Merel Bregante (one-time drummer for Loggins & Messina, The Dirt Band, and Steve Martin).  It features 12 songs.  A tentative running order follows:

1. Baltimore (Hawk)

2. Been Down So Long (Hawk) - features Chris Stoudt on lead guitar

3. Temptation (a cover of the 1982 song by New Order)

4. Prettier Song (Hawk)

5. Mason-Dixon Line (Hawk)

6. Another Storyline (Hawk) - lead guitar by our bassist Chuck Bordelon

7. Kick a Stone and Join the Dance (Hawk)

8. Random Thoughts (Hawk) - another lead by Chuck, and some percussion by Tom Allen

9. Sunshine Street (Hawk) - Paul Bordelon helps out with some electric guitar

10. Icicle In the Sun (Hawk) - Chris Stoudt and Paul Bordelon help out again

11. Little Light (Hawk)

12. Lost My Radio (DeVries/Hawk)

* The CD features a lot of talented people who have helped bring the songs to life

- Tom Allen - percussion

- Chuck Bordelon - bass, electric guitar, drums

- Paul Bordelon - electric guitar

- Steve DeVries - mandolin, banjo, harmonica, electric & acoustic guitar, fretless bass, keyboards, harmonies

- Chris Huff - drums

- Riley Osborne - piano

- Emma Rowley - harmony vocals

- Gary Rudinsky - harmony vocals

- Chris Stoudt - electric guitar, harmony vocals