Austin, Here We Come...

We're leaving for Austin, Texas, later today, looking forward to recording with Merel Bregante (one-time Loggins & Messina drummer) at Cribworks Audio. The album will be a quasi "greatest hits" collection, meaning that there will be a few new songs, a few that are fan (and band) favorites, and a few that I recorded a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that most people have not heard.

So far, here's a list, with one or two more to surface at a later date:

Sunshine Waterdance

Real Gone Girl

I Never Thought to Ask

Awkwardly at Ease

Maybe Someday

She Stopped the Rain

American Vertigo - a new one, bluesy, based loosely on a true story of my first time in New York City, which was for New Year's Eve in Times Square when I was 19 (yowza!)

My Old Hometown

* Wish us luck!